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  • Where can I see the Governing Documents for Golden Park?
    The Governing Documents are available on the Leon County Clerk of Court website and on our website under "Rules & Bylaws". Golden Park Rules and ACC application forms are also available under "Rules & Bylaws".
  • Do I need approval for architectural changes to my unit?
    Yes. No changes may be made without the advance approval of the Board. A request to make a change must be submitted via email to Your request must include a diagram with measurements and detail regarding what materials you propose to use. Please note there are existing rules regarding doors, windows, fences, and other items. Unapproved changes will result in fines of $100 per day for each continuing occurrence. Court action will result in additional cost to the owner. The ACC form is available on our Rules page.
  • How do I get a pool key?
    Call the Management Office at 850-528-5043 or for information on a pool key. There may be a fee of $50 if a key was previously issued for your unit. If you are a tenant, ask your Property Manager or Landlord for a pool key. Please note that pool keys will only be issued to owners and all HOA dues must be current prior to receiving keys.
  • How do I contact management?
    Melisa "Lisa" Smith with Association Management Support & Services Inc. is the manager of Golden Park. She may be reached by clicking on the Contact Us button on this website. You may also call her at 850-528-5043 or e-mail at
  • What are the pool rules?
    Pool rules are the rules as established by the State of Florida. A few rules to keep in mind are: All children must be supervised No pets in the the pool area or in the pool. This is a health hazard. If pets are found in the pool, the pool will be closed up to seven days. No glass containers or any glass items due to the danger of broken glass. Pool is open only from dawn to dusk. No propping open the pool gate. Law requires the pool gate must be kept closed except when a resident is entering or leaving the pool area. For a complete list of the pool rules, see the Information tab on our website. Law enforcement will enforce trespass laws at the pool area and clubhouse. Please call 891-4200 to report trespassers. Barbeque pits are allowed only in the parking area of the clubhouse. No emptying of coals or debris from barbeque pits at the clubhouse, pool area, or any common areas. Be a good neighbor, please leave the pool area clean and follow the pool rules. Violations should be reported to (850) 528-5043, or TPD at 891-4200. Emergencies - call 911. COVID-19 Special Rules: Due to the ongoing pandemic of COVID-19, the pool is CLOSED until further notice.
  • How do I reserve the clubhouse?
    The Clubhouse may be reserved by any resident at Golden Park. A refundable deposit is required and returned upon verification that the Clubhouse was left in good condition. A non-refundable cleaning fee must also be paid. Please note that renting the Clubhouse does not include use of the pool. The Clubhouse may be reserved by contacting management at (850) 528-5043 or Clubhouse availability can be viewed on our website.
  • How do I handle nuisance pets?
    Please contact Animal Control directly if you are experiencing problems with barking dogs, loose dogs or cats, or other problems. Animal Control phone 850-891-2958. The website for City of Tallahassee Animal Control is Please do not call management for immediate assistance as Animal Control will ask to speak with the person experiencing the problem. We do appreciate your contact to advise us of the problem, but please do call Animal Control directly for assistance.
  • How do I install or remove a satellite dish?
    One satellite dish per unit please. Installer should remove any pre-existing dishes before installing a new dish! Satellite dishes should be installed at the back of the unit or the side of the unit on a pole as close to the back as possible. Installation on roofs is discouraged due to damage to the roof and/or soffit. No installation at the front of the unit.
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